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Baby Boomers, preparing for retirement is like preparing for the fight of your life.

You don’t want to go into your much-anticipated swan song retirement years starting off in a poor physical and mental state. Australia has become one of the most obese populations in the World. That is a damming statistic. You only have to look around you to see it is true. Retirement is the wholly grail for most as they zero in on life without work, how wonderful they believe it will be. But not if you start off in bad shape.  Advancing age is not going to help either.

But you will need to be in tip top condition if you are to truly enjoy and active fun filled retirement. Imagine you crashed in a remote area with no phone signals and you needed to run 5km to get urgent help for your family. Now look in the mirror and tell me how many kilometres you would last. Tough question but if the life of your loved ones depended on it you would want to be in the best condition possible to make that 5kms. True storey I was working out on the beach after a power walk one morning, as I regularly do, and I see this bloke probably of similar age to me standing nearby watching me. I looked at him noting he was hunched shoulders with paunchy stomach and his demeanour was that of downward & I suspect depressed. When I stopped between reps he wandered over and said this to me. “Man, that is some workout you are doing there. I have been watching you. Tell me what are you training for?”

My answer was immediate, “life” I said. To which he appeared baffled. Without provocation he gave me a list of excuses why he couldn’t train like me including he was recently split from his long-time wife and he said he was struggling to cope. I commented that obviously he can walk so I drilled into the fact he should just do that to start with. Just walk each day and a bit further each day. That would be a monumental step in the right direction. We chatted about other positives and as he was about to walk away he thanked me and said I should motivate people our age group for a living. He inspired me to act on that which is why I have included a Food & Fitness link on the website. We will focus on workouts you can do whilst travelling on a long trip. We will talk about the emphasis of seeking out healthy food choices and not succumbing to the roadside fry ups. Hopefully we can help inspire you to get in the best possible shape for the fight of your life, retirement, to ensure you enjoy it to the fullest.

On the Road Workout #1

WORKOUT: Weekly program while travelling
WHERE: Anywhere!
WHAT: Power walks/full body exercises/weights

Chappee - Old Man's Gap Year
Motorcycle Around Australia

Watch this workout video on the Old Man's Gap Year YouTube channel

Travelling light on a motorbike will mean I won’t be taking the home gym and set of free weights. Over the years I have learned to refine my workouts by using a minimal amount of gear at home combining my workout routines for the best impact for my age. In truth keeping fit and your weight checked is in my opinion 70% about what you eat and 30% what activities you do.

For my Old Mans Gap Year, I will be taking the following lightweight workout gear;

  • Blue Stretch Chord with hand grips & 1 piece of dowel
  • Abdominal Stretch Roller wheel which can be disassembled to flat pack
  • Press Up Discs Plastic
  • One skipping rope
  • 70 kilos of weight – That’s me.

That’s it.

With the above and by using body lift routines I can maintain an effective workout schedule while travelling. Currently my workout week consists of the following;

Monday          – Power Walk with 5 x 3 reps full body exercises
Tuesday         – Weights workout
Wednesday    – Power Walk with 5 x 3 reps full body exercises
Thursday        – Weights workout
Friday             – Power Walk with 5 x 3 reps full body exercises
Saturday         – Weights workout
Sunday             – Day of Rest no workouts.  Treat eats day optional

Staying regimented with the above workout schedule will be challenging while undertaking a 20,000km motorbike ride! Key is to be flexible as there will be days where it will not be possible to leave the bike unattended and go walk about. Thus, the skipping rope. Or due to a long days riding there won’t be time to complete a full workout in one go. However, there will be enough time at each of the stops to break the workout up into 3 mini workout stages. Key will be to have the equipment easily unpacked. But what is important is to maintain my fitness by improvising different types of exercise whilst keeping to the routine of the above schedule.

I look forward to being challenged to stay true to my workout goals and keeping you posted on the various types of workouts that can be achieved while travelling. On the longer stays there will be opportunities to go to a local gym for a casual workout too. Key is that I return in the same shape that I left in. If I look more like Elvis in the 70’s riding back home on my Harley, then ok I maxed out on the grease burgers and fried banana with peanut butter toasties. Hmmm they sound good!!

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