What taking an 18,000 km motorbike ride will teach you

The round Australia loop thus far has brought me to Melbourne after 18,851 kms travelled. Whilst I am resting and enjoying some time away from camping I think back to what a tremendous adventure and journey it has been so far. Many people just don’t get what the attraction or lure is to ride a motorbike over such long distances. For anyone who has ridden the answers can be varied but most lead back to the same thing, what I call being in the now. When going about your daily lives most days you will find yourself consumed in thought about future concerns or past events that trouble you. Very little time is spent in the actual reality of the now, the moment you are living. Over time this becomes your learned way of functioning and it is not a refreshing way to live. Riding a motorbike puts you firmly in the now otherwise your life can be at risk. Let your thoughts wonder off while doing 110kms an hour along the Nullabor Plains can have life threatening concequencies! Having now spent so much time riding and being in the now my mind has reset to that being the norm. It is refreshing and invigourating. Passing a roadside dead Kangaroo the smell hits you hard in the nostrils, thats in the now. A wind gust slams into the lefthand side of your helmet pushing you right, you immediately counter react to track straight. That is in the now. You see an expansivve fprward vista splashed with earthy colours and a setting sun. That is in the now. By the time you get to bed you are exhausted from a day of in the now concentration which is a very pleasant state to be in. Riding motorbikes is risky but it is that inherit risk that keeps you focused keeps you in the now state. Did I enjoy riding across the Nullabor? Loved it. Did Australia’s longest rode of 165kms annoy me? No way, it was a thrilling orchestra of sights. Am I ready to get back on Bluey and tackle the visionary delights of Tasmania? Giddy up, bring it on. TILL THEN, KEEP YOUR KNEES IN THE BREEZE AND YOUR EYES ON THE HORIZON my fellow ride tribers. CHAPEE from Old Mans Gap Year


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